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Important dates

Start Day:  July 15, 2018 

The Submission Deadline:

May 15, 2018June 20, 2018

Registration Deadline:

June 1, 2018 June 20, 2018


Detailed program have be released


Dr. Qing Wan

Tel: 18700782311

Dr. Xiaoli Ding


Hotel and Travel Info


Jianguo Hotel Xian

No.2, Huzhu Road, Beilin District, Xian, Shaanxi Province

Tel: 400-636-6636

The conference has reserved limited numbers of rooms with discount price. It will be filled with the first-come-first-serve basis and the last day for the discount price is June 20, 2018. Please go to registration page to book a room of your choice. 

When you apply a Chinese visa, an agent may ask a proof of hotel reservation, please use confirmation number "180714gongch" for your reservation.  

One-Day Sight-seeing:

If you are new to Xian and have only one day for sight-seeing, we recommend the popular “east-route”, which includes Terracotta Warriors (兵马俑) and Huaqing Hot Spring (华清池)/Tang-Dynasty Palace. And spend the night time at Ancient City Wall(西安明城墙)and Big Wild Goose Pagoda (大雁塔).

Xianyang Airport:

Airport shuttle: Take airport shuttle bus Jianguo Line, from airport Terminal 3, the shuttle will terminate at Jianguo Hotel. The journey takes about 70 minutes. The first shuttle start at 06:40 and the last shuttle leaves at 20:40, about 40 minutes between two shuttles. The one-way fare is 25 RMB.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the airport, it will takes 55 minutes to the hotel and costs about 105 RMB.


Xianbei Railway Station:

Subway Line: Metro Line 2: North Station—Xiaozhai Station, transfer to Metro Line 3: Xiaozhai Station ­ Changle Park Station (B2 exit), walk 280 meters to reach the Jianguo Xi'an Hotel

Bus line: 266 Road: Xi'an North Station—bus six bus station, transfer 37 Road: bus six bus station—Mutual Road Interchange, walk 280 meters to reach the Jianguo Xi'an Hotel

Take a taxi: 36 minutes about 45 RMB


Xian Railway Station:

Bus line: 240 Road: Railway Station—Xingqing Road, walk 790 meters to reach the Jianguo Xi'an Hotel, about 40 minutes

Take a taxi: 15 minutes about 13 RMB


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